I never liked when people say “It’s the parents fault” yea parent’s need to take accountability but don’t neglect the fact that everything that these kids see outside their household influences them as well.
Excuse me if the people who have to work 56 hours a Week to keep the lights on in this capitalistic society are not the “perfect parents”.

Reafrikanize your mind,. African philosophy is “it takes a village to raise a family” meaning it’s not just up to the parent’s to make sure the youth grow up the right way. The individualistic, Capitalistic,  and Selfish philosophy is that European Shit. 

You think these commercials, hollywood, magazines,  and news articles don’t affect the conscious and subconscious mind? You think corporations spend their money on these things without proof that its going to change peoples minds? Think again. Study psychology and Study Marketing. These things are proven to be effective. it’s not just “the parents”. These systems are created corrupt minds. Tackle the system. Read between the lines… 


Post made by @solar_innerg